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B&H uses a Trimble GPS System that includes a 3D CAD modeling and Earthwork Calculation Application. The 3D CAD system provides the means to accurately model proposed project sites in 3D showing the original site conditions and the proposed Site Design. The Earthwork program provides the means to determine the quantity of earthwork required for a project. This provides a more efficient use of time and equipment on a project.

These applications integrate with the GPS Control System used on Bulldozers and Motorgrader Equipment. The GPS Control System used on this equipment gives the operator efficient control of the earth moved and the accuracy it is moved with. This means less rework on the existing work site to adjust the soils of the project.

With 3D cad it also gives us the ability to three dimensionally look at your project to ensure the best use of your money is in design. 3D gives us the opportunity to balance your site to make sure excessive soil is not hauled out or in.

All of these things combined amounts to higher quality construction and shorter completion times for our clients.

The location of streets, lot corners, building pads, retention ponds and other objects can be located with cm accuracy using GPS to stakeout these site areas for construction. This provides for a high quality of construction and shorter project completion times for the Client and B&H Contracting.

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